Christmas Corals and reefs!

All you need to know about coral reef ecosystems in five bite size blogs!

Christmas corals and reefs is a small series of blogs I started over the festive period, but they are to be enjoyed year round and! The aim of the series is to provide you with the fundamental information and knowledge of the broad scope that is ‘Coral reefs’. Whether you want to know what a coral is, or whether you want to know what can be done to help conserve these precious ecosystems, there is something here for you.  The series consists of five blogs:

·         What is a coral?

·         What is a coral reef?

·         Why should I care?: The importance of coral reefs

·         Troubled waters: Why are corals reefs under threat?

·         Moving forward: The conservation of coral reefs


The blogs can be read in order, but are also informative in their own right. If you want to know more about any of the topics, feel free to send me an email through the contact page of the site. Happy reading!

Rachel Louise Gunn